Move On – Refuse to stay stuck

I’ve been stuck before. It’s not a good feeling. What I have learned is that I cannot get myself unstuck. I need someone outside of me to show me my stuckness and help me get unstuck. My friend Walter Boston, Jr. will do just that for you. His latest book Move On is a refreshing coaching on how to refuse to stay stuck and move on.

Sam Chand, Leadership Consultant and author of
New Thinking— New Future
Stockbridge, Georgi1600

Dr. Walter Boston, Jr. is one of the great thinkers of our day. But his incredible thoughts that are outlined in this new work don’t arise just from his great academic training, but these are words of wisdom and insight from his many year journey along this Kingdom of God road. Dr. Boston is a practitioner, an applier of truth and his insights in MOVE ON will be just the keys you are looking for for breakthrough in your life. I have personally known Walter for many years and he is a teacher par excellence, a pastor of pastors, a mentor to many, but above all, he is my friend!. This fresh look at breaking through and moving on will be just the ’shot of life and wisdom’ you need to MOVE ON!

Randy Boyd, Executive Director, Prepare International and author of Heaven’s Culture
Lubbock, Texas

Dr. Boston does more than move your heart, he leads you on a journey from where you are to where you’re supposed to be!

Richard L. Hilton, Founding Pastor
Calvary Church
Johnson City, Tennessee

Wow!!! So true, so clear, so profound, …and so practical, sobering and

“Being stuck is one thing as we all have been in that spot and at times, you have no choice but for a season. Staying stuck is another thing, no one has to stay stuck — not even you!”

“The reality is if something is not moving it is standing still; if it is standing still it is not changing and; if it is not changing it is dying.”

Those two quotes are a perfect overview of the whole content of this great book.

I believe that everyone reading it may find himself at least in one of two
situations. In a need to get out of stuck or to learn how to avoid one.

Thank you, dear Walter, for such a useful tool.

Wieslaw Ziemba, Poland
Church and Market Place Leader

You hold in your hands a priceless resource that will absolutely empower you to move beyond the rut you may be in.

Dr. Boston has taken a complex subject — the reasons and ways we become stuck in life — and created an easy to read self-help manual. Amazing! I am devouring this book! I refuse to be stuck any longer!

Barbara Brown, Pastor
River of Life Worship Center
Odenton, Maryland

Do you find your life is in a rut despite all your efforts to break free? The
frustration can be unbearable at times. How do we overcome pain, difficulty, and failure? Has progress in your life come to a halt? Here is a book that will not only provide you with practical solutions to these and other heart-wrenching issues but walk you through them step by step.

Dr. Boston brings his life long experience of more than four decades of working with individuals, church and corporate leadership globally. Every chapter is packed with life-giving nuggets to get you moving again. Understand the debilitating power of attraction, addiction and affection and how to be free. Learn how to make good friends and how to stop self-hurt and self-harm, appreciate the value of confronting your feelings, the components of Dr. Boston’s “Destructive Behavioral Syndromes” (DBS) and much more.

As you read, you will experience a life coach coming alongside you to help you Move On. It is backed up with real-life stories of people, like a young mother who cooked her baby alive in an oven, and to see how some broke free and Moved On!

This is a must-read for all leaders and individuals alike who are determined to MOVE ON and refuse to be stuck.

Trevor Joefield
President, Ministers Fellowship West Indies
Trinidad, West Indies

Dr. Walter Boston, Jr. with his jovial personality and his easy to read a compilation of an amazing book, “MOVE ON – Refuse to Stay Stuck” will be the external force to propel you to new realms in your walk with the Lord! And it could also provide the new, critical thinking that is needed to solve many of the problems facing so many in the world and in the Church today! The nuggets of truth contained within the pages of this book will certainly encourage and also equip you to be all that the Father has ordained for you to become.

Read, enjoy and then MOVE ON! Walter, thank you for over 25 years of friendship and leadership!

Michael Scantlebury – Apostle
Dominion-Life International Ministries
Author of, As It Was In the Beginning… So Shall It Be
Surrey, Canada

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